About Adult Use of Marijuana in Massachusetts

Here at Canna Provisions Group, education for our customers is a top priority. We want to make sure that people can enjoy cannabis safely, responsibly, and legally. Our educated staff of guides is happy to walk customers through the current legal restrictions on cannabis consumption for adults in Massachusetts, and you can find additional information below.

Defining Marijuana Adult Use

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, “adult use” means people who are age 21 or older may legally buy cannabis products at licensed dispensaries for their own personal use. All customers will have to present their government-issued photo ID when they enter the dispensary. Familiarize yourself with the laws surrounding this plant to enjoy a legal experience.

What Adults Can Do With Cannabis in Massachusetts

We find it helpful to define everything an adult of 21 years or more can do with cannabis in the state of Massachusetts. Residents and visitors in the state have a right to the following activities:

    • Purchase of up to one ounce of cannabis, up to five grams of which may be concentrates
    • Giving away cannabis (within the amounts defined above) to other adults of 21 years or more
    • Cultivation of up to six plants (limit 12 per household)
    • Possession of up to 10 ounces at their primary residence, and cannabis produced by their own plants

Adults may consume cannabis in their home or another person’s private residence (with that person’s permission). Cannabis use cannot be the sole or primary basis for denying child custody or visitation unless there is clear evidence that marijuana consumption endangers the minor. Similarly, cannabis consumption does not restrict access to medical care, even organ donation.

A lease cannot infringe upon the consumption of cannabis that is not smoked unless the consumption of non-smoked cannabis could put the landlord at legal risk. Individuals who have had past legal problems for marijuana possession are eligible to have those records sealed.

Restrictions on Adult Use in Massachusetts

There are still restrictions on how and where people may consume and possess cannabis in the state:

    • Cannabis cannot be consumed in public or smoked in any place where tobacco smoking is forbidden.
    • Open containers of cannabis are not allowed in the passenger area of a vehicle– the trunk or a locked glove box are allowed.
    • Any amount over one ounce at a person’s residence must be secured with a lock.
    • Cannabis is not allowed at correctional facilities, detoxification clinics, youth centers, preschools, or k-12 schools
    • Cannabis may only be grown in places that are secured with locks or another security system– it cannot be grown anywhere that’s visible from a public place.
    • Only licensed manufacturers may produce cannabis extracts using any substance with a flashpoint below 100°F.
    • Employers may restrict an employee’s marijuana consumption and any marijuana-related activities in the workplace.

Buying Cannabis for Recreational Use MA We at Canna Provisions Group take great care to follow our state’s cannabis laws with great attention to detail. We respect the laws and appreciate the nature of the legislation as something designed to keep Massachusetts citizens safe. We have vetted all of our business partners for complete compliance and go above and beyond to ensure the legal safety of our customers. While we cannot give legal advice, we do everything in our power to be your guide as you embark on your legal experience with cannabis.

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