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When it comes to creating a guide to cannabis strains, there are a number of different ways to go. You can search for “dispensary near me” or “best cannabis flower selection Canna Provisions” to get right to the heart of things, or you can do a little advance research.

In order to keep you up on the latest strains and flower supply at Canna Provisions Lee, Canna Provisions Holyoke, and our Easthampton store, we offer this, our “Flower Power” series looking at five marijuana strains we carry from our partners and cultivators.

And for today’s installment….

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ACS – Alternative Compassion Services – at Canna Provisions

Who: ACS (Alternative Compassion Services)

What they are: ACS proudly proclaims themselves one of New England’s premiere destinations for superior quality cannabis. Their flower speaks for itself.

mendo breath acs medical cannabis
ACS – Alternative Compassion Services – cannabis flower Mendo Breath.

Mendo Breath

Mendo Breath is an interesting mix of OGKB (OGKushBreath, which is the supposed patriarch in the Cookies Fam genetics) and Mendo Montage. Their forces combined make dense frosty buds that reek of sweet vanilla and caramel. But no matter how good this smells, save it for after work. This indica can pivot your entire day’s plans with its powerful body high built for chronic pain and discomfort.

silver mountain ACS
Silver Mountain marijuana flower from ACS Alternative Compassion Services, a medical cannabis and adult use cannabis retailer.

Silver Mountain

Silver Mountain, also known as “Mt. Silver” and “Silver MTN,” is a sativa dominant hybrid strain (70% sativa/30% indica) created through crossing the infamous Super Silver Haze X Appalachia strains. Named for its gorgeous appearance, Silver Mountain buds have beautiful popcorn-shaped forest green nugs spattered with long orange hairs and completely coated from top to bottom in sparkling silver white crystal trichomes. As you pull apart each glittery little nugget, aromas of pungent diesel and herbal citrus are released, all wrapped up with a subtle kick of mint. The flavor follows a similar profile, with a sour citrus overtone accented by savory diesel and rich herbs. The Silver Mountain high is just as delicious as the flavor, with lifted effects that will have you feeling buzzy and aroused after just a single toke. This is accompanied by a sense of creative focus and motivation that pairs perfectly with a building happiness. Soon this focus will turn hazy, leaving you giggling at anything and everything around you for no reason whatsoever. With these effects and its high 19-20% average THC level, Silver Mountain is said to be perfect for treating spasticity, chronic pain, inflammation, depression, chronic fatigue and muscle spasms or cramps.

ac/dc x omg cannabis flower
AC/DC x OMG strain by ACS cannabis flower.


ACDC x OMG is sativa dominant hybrid that balances out some of the raciness that can occur with pure sativas. This cultivar has a sour, citrusy aroma that provides a lift in mood, focus, and mental clarity. Best suited for daytime use, this strain is versatile for a range of uses, and the THC strength makes it great for novice and experienced consumers alike. A real treat of a strain both for flavor as well as uplifting effects.

ggg g3 cannabis flower acs
GGG (G3) from ACS at Canna Provisions

GGG (G3) 

Also known as Ghost OG, Triple G produces buds brimming with a tasty, tropical, but slightly skunky aroma and fresh, earthy undertones. It’s indica-dominant, so some buds might have deep and alluring purple hues. When you’re ready to smoke or vape it, the taste leans towards a sweet but lime-like flavor. THC levels tend to average around the low to mid 20’s and many reviewers say they have enjoyed this strain’s potential capabilities in dulling pain caused by various conditions and symptoms including spinal discomfort.

Fans of Triple G have also stated it’s a good strain that can help calm nerves, eliminate psychological stress, and allow the mind to find rest from the onslaught of thoughts that tend to keep us up at night.

This indica-dominant strain might induce hunger or sedation so be prepared with some healthy snacks nearby and a comfy place to either lounge or fall asleep.

cunfused rhapsody acs
Cunfused Rhapsody cananbis flower from Alternative Compassion Services – ACS – at Canna Provisions Holyoke, Canna Provisions Lee.

Cunfused Rhapsody

Cunfused Rhapsody, a hybrid strain from Alternative Compassion Services, which produces resinous buds with floral terpenes users seeking marijuana flower offering cerebral effects to calm the mind will revel in. With parental lineage mixing Bodhimian Rhapsody and others makes this a stellar flower for those seeking the best of ACS offerings.

acs flower packaging
ACS cannabis flower relax, focus, relief, energy, cbd.

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