Marijuana Strain Types

How Canna Provisions Classifies Marijuana Products

Gone are the days of classifying weed as Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid- Canna Provisions is going to change your perceptions of cannabis products and the culture surrounding it. To give our beloved community a more complete understanding of the effects of cannabis we classify our weed as calming, balanced and energizing. At Canna Provisions we prefer to talk about how individual strains will most likely affect you. Let me explain why we use this different system to classify weed.

Calming, Balanced, and Energizing: When to Choose From Each Type

Calming strains are great for night time use, binge-watching Netflix, or generally being relaxed. We have an amazing selection of strains to ease your mind and body. When we are open on Friday, July, 5 you can chill out with Afghani ( a rare find), Banana Kush, Death Star, or GG#4 (AKA Gorilla Glue).

If you are someone that likes to go to the gym, be outside, or generally enjoy a more uplifting experience when using cannabis you will love Sour Diesel and Sour Joker. These strains can be perfect for day time use.

Sometimes life gives you really hard decisions like- chocolate or peanut butter? Yankees or Red Sox? Concentrate or flower? Maybe you can’t decide between a calming or balanced strain. If you are having the last dilemma then a balanced strain is a great option for you. You should try Blueberry Headband, Girl Scout Cookies, Ghost Of Leeroy OG, or Lucinda Willimas. These balanced strains will give you the best of both worlds.

Whether you like energizing, balanced, or relaxed strains, Canna Provisions is the best spot in Berkshire County to guide you to the best cannabis products that will better your journey!

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