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Better your journey by starting with the right provisions. We at Canna Provisions pride ourselves on offering the highest quality of cannabis products available. Our long experience in this industry has endowed us with the ability to source and cultivate the finest goods on the market. Our successful partnerships with experienced growers, extractors, and production store managers ensure we’ll always have a wide selection of the best cannabis products in Massachusetts.

Different Strains, Different Effects

Determining how a new strain of cannabis may affect you can be challenging. Traditionally, cannabis has been grouped into Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains, but there is little scientific evidence to support these distinctions. At Canna Provisions, we prefer to talk about how individual plants will most likely impact you.

We have many years of experience in strain selection and cultivation of cannabis flower. Our wide and diverse network allows us to hand-pick the best and most experienced growers in the industry, and we only accept superior quality. Our boutique approach to the cannabis industry ensures that our customers are getting the freshest and the best cannabis in Massachusetts. Our guides are waiting to help you find the perfect strain for your journey.


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Energizing Strains

These strains tend to be stimulating and may provide creative or physical energy. The uplifting sensations make these strains ideal for physical activity or social gatherings. Sativa dominant strains are frequently classified as being energizing.


Calming  Strains

These strains tend to be physically sedating and relaxing; high THC strains in this category are great for pain relief. Indica strains have commonly been believed to display the most calming effects.


Balanced Strains

These strains often impart both physically calming and mentally energizing sensations simultaneously. Balanced strains are great for those looking to experience all that cannabis can offer.

About Us

About Us

In addition to flower, we offer a wide variety of other provisions for whatever type of journey you desire:

  • Vape pens offer a simple, discrete delivery system and fast effects.
  • Concentrates and oils are extremely potent and provide a powerful experience.
  • Edibles come in all shapes and sizes. This is great for people who prefer to eat delicious baked goods or gummies instead of smoking.
  • Ointments and topical salves are designed for external use and can be applied to sore muscles or aching joints to get you back on the trail.
  • Pre-rolls offer a traditional cannabis experience without the hassle. They’re already rolled for you– simply light and enjoy.
  • We have a wide variety of accessories to help you enjoy whichever cannabis product you choose. You’ll find everything from grinders and rolling papers to vaporizers and carrying cases.

How to Choose Cannabis Products

Our store has a diverse selection to suit everyone’s needs from first-time cannabis consumers to experienced veterans who want something new. Our guide will take the time to understand where you’re headed and get you fully equipped for the journey.

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